White lining road paint – RMGroup have supplied a range of Industries in the last 25 years and we are always expanding the list as new companies approach us. From basic Manual systems through to fully automated vertical Form, fill and seal bag filling systems with robot palletising. We work to our customers specifications and budget, using our previous experience and also developing new systems and designs.

Packaging line for road paintCase Study – Hitex Traffic Safety

Earlier this year we were approached by our customers Hitex Traffic safety to install another plant for road marking materials. Their first ever Form fill and seal machine was installed over 10 years ago, Now that very same machine is being relocated to serve the new plant for powdered lining materials, read more here.

Form, fill and seal machines are capable of bagging up to 17 bags per minute (product dependant). Operators are simply required to oversee the packing line, load product, load empty pallets and remove filled pallets off the line. This system proves popular with customers looking for high speeds and consistency in production runs. Include ABB robot palletiser for high-speed end of line palletising.

RMGroup design, manufacture and supply bagging machinery for suppliers of white lining road paint and road surfacing materials. Bagging solutions for road surfacing can consist of semi-automatic to fully automatic packaging equipment and accessories. The range includes baggers, ABB robots, counters, weighing, conveyors, thermal transfer printers and bespoke bag packaging systems. With over 25 years experience RMGroup has the expertise to design a packaging solution for you which is manufactured in the UK

• Increase throughput, reduce labour costs and raise overall profitability using systems that operate at high speeds and accuracy.

• Increase productivity with an automated bagging system.

• Improve Health & Safety and working conditions

• Reduce waste

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Fully Automated SolutionsPalletising Solutions

FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery equipment packaging bagging packing sealing automated labelling


The FPK 44 Form, Fill & Seal packaging machine is suitable for Aggregates, Rock Salt, Road Markings and more.

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Palletizing Robot

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fullyautomated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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