Baling System

The WDB 300 system is a dual side-by-side configuration of two vertical baler machines in the same frame, providing customers with an impressive throughput of up to 480 bales an hour.

The WDB 300 is a vertical baling system that uses Form Fill and Seal technology to produce the bales, the system uses a film on a reel and seals it around the product to form a bale.

The baler uses a vertical press that exerts around 7 tonnes of pressure, that is suitable for peat or compost and other materials that do not require as much pressure to compress the product in to a suitable sized bale.

Baler machine

Baler Machine Industrial Baling

Pet Bedding Bale Packing Machine


Technical Specifications

1 – 35 kg
Bales per hour
120 – 240 Bales
Bale Dimensions
From 120x400x80mm-400x800x800mm
Chamber capacity
1200 Litres
Motor pump hydraulics
150 – 200 BAR
Pressing ratio
0% Longitudinal pressure
100% Vertical pressure
0% Horizontall pressure


Suitable for baling Wood shavings, Rock Wool (stone), Glass Wool (Glass) & Sawdust. RMGroup specialise in Horizontal form fill and seal baling systems. We have been providing and installing modern robust baling systems since 1998. Our commitment to deliver high quality systems is evident in our extensive list of previous installations for customers. Baling systems are suitable for products of low bulk density. The machine reduces the physical volume of the material in the finished bale. This in turn reduces storage, handling and transportation costs for the customer. MGroup have previously installed the HDB 800 for Easypack haylage who bale straw, wood shavings, and other animal bedding.

Alternative Options

Baling Machinery Baler Machine

HDB-800A Baling System

Horizontal Baling System – HDB 800A Suitable for bagging paper cellulose, wood shavings and straw.

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Baler Machine Baling Machinery

HDB-800 Horizontal Baling System

Horizontal Baling System – HDB 800 | sawdust, wood shaving, rock wool and glass wool baling machine

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Baling Machinery Baler Machine

HDB-800L Baling System

Horizontal baling Systems – HDB 800L, ideal solution to baling wood cellulose or natural insulation material.

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