palletiser for sale, automated packaging systemsThermoplastic, also known as a thermosoftening plastic is usually supplied to the market in a pellet or granule form. It is a polymer that becomes pliable or mouldable above a specific temperature and solidifies upon cooling. The most used are PP and PE and these thermoplastic polymers are used in a variety of applications including packaging, labeling and anything from thermal underwear to automotive parts.

RMGroup supply the UK’s leading thermoplastic and anti skid manufacturers with mixing, batching and packaging systems. Due to the difficult nature of the product which is dusty, oily with very poor flow characteristics we recommended form, fill and seal technology which totally encapsulates the product within a forming tube.

The FFS system proves popular with this industry customers looking for high speeds and consistency in production runs. The high speed Form, fill and seal machine is capable of bagging up to 17 bags per minute (product dependant). Operators are simply required to oversee the packing line, load product, load empty pallets and remove filled pallets off the line. If your requirement is to pack products with varying bag sizes and regular product changeovers a semi-automated system is an effective solution.  ABB robot palletising can be included for full automation.

One of the leading independent specialist road marking businesses in the UK, who are experienced in permanent and temporary road marking and safety surfacing contacted RMGroup to fulfill their requirements. RMGroup supplied a FPK 44 Form fill and seal system with robot palletising with pallet wrapper to complete the process to bag thermoplastic materials with a bulk density of approx. 1500 kg/m³ into 10kg and 25kg bags.

RMGroup design, manufacture and supply bagging machinery for the Plastics industry. The range includes baggers, ABB robots, counters, weighing, conveyors, thermal transfer printers and bespoke bag packaging systems. With over 25 years experience RMGroup has the expertise to design a packaging solution for you which is manufactured in the UK


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Form, Fill & Seal packaging machine is suitable for Aggregates, Rock Salt, Road Markings and more.

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Thermoplastic and anti skid manufacturers with mixing, batching and packaging systems

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Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fullyautomated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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