Nicole Hamilton
Project Manager

“I would recommend RM Group in the future. The solution that was provided was of a high manufacturing standard.

Everyone from the design, installation and commissioning teams had high safety and work area standards. They also worked very well with our engineers and production teams.”

Will Hawking

Robotic automation for icecream and food

“The RM Group delivered our ABB pallet stacking robot on budget and without problems. They have been helpful and attentive in helping us to get it set up and running smoothly.
We are pleased with the installation and would certainly use their equipment again if and when the time arises. After learning how to run the equipment, and ironing out a few inevitable teething ‘setup’ issues, the robot now runs smoothly all day every day, entirely removing the arduous task of manually stacking pallets.
RM Group software engineers are able to ‘see’ the robot at work via an internet connection and tweak the software to maximise throughput and minimise downtime as a result.
The robot is now handling several thousand boxes of ice cream per day, across several different pack sizes and pallet configurations, barely missing a beat throughout.
This has enabled Marshfield Farm to redeploy existing end-of-line staff to other tasks elsewhere in their production process.”


David Pope
General Manager

Radnor Hills robotic palletiser

“Yes, I would certainly recommended RM group in the future. Their friendly but professional approach to the project has been fantastic.  As RMGroup have experience in the bottling industry we were certain they could fulfil the brief, they have worked with us to design a bespoke fully automated packing line which will be a huge benefit to us, we will be working with them again in the future. We also have an innovative user-friendly HMI program designed specifically to cater for the changes in our bottle quantities and sizes per tray”

“The whole team have been a pleasure to work with especially the engineers, who have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process”



Huw Thomas
Group Aggregates Manager

Image result for TG group

“We at TG Group are very happy with our new Bulk Bagging Hopper. The RM Group understood the particular challenges we presented to them and designed a hopper that would meet our needs. It was delivered and installed on time, and we are very happy with the quality of build and finish. Great to be able to order from a local company as well, and we look forward to discussing new projects in the near future.”



Peter Cuthbert
Production Manager

“Having previously replaced our bulk bagger with a BB400, I was confident RM Group could offer a solution for our ageing small bagging line.  From the start we needed to be able to integrate with the existing production line and control systems, after looking at a few options the MB500 gave us the flexibility and production we needed.  Delivery and installation was carried out seamlessly and we now have the capability to meet customer demands in the future.”



Steve Le Chevalier
Managing Director

aggregate bagging machine, bagging machine for sale


“Specialist Aggregates turned to RM just 9 months after their first order for the FPK44 because of their engineering expertise and problem solving capabilities.

The line was built to RMG’s exceptionally high standards, including being customised specifically to Specialist Aggregates’ requirements. On-site installation and commissioning was achieved in a record three days immediately before Christmas.”


Michael Woodward
Production Director

Day Group installation


“To meet the growing demands we were resolute on purchasing machinery we could trust from a supplier we had confidence in. Quality, reliability and longevity was at the top of our list along with the safety of our operators. Speed was also a factor. The whole range of machinery acquired have been exceptional.

RMGroup have met our expectations and provided excellent after-care, with engineers promptly arriving on site to rectify any issues that have developed.

Due to the professionalism, quality and reliability of RMGroup and the systems we have received, we have continued to place multiple orders from 2015, totalling 16 full lines to date. We are extremely impressed with all aspects of the systems especially the increase in production that they have provided us.

We look forward to continuing our affiliation with them into the near future on various projects”


Derek Keir

Packaging Machinery


“The Engineers were great from start to finish, professional and hard working. I am very satisfied with the machine and the quality, it has revolutionised our business. We have now been able to enter a new market which we couldn’t without this automatic bagging line. The new equipment is a big part of our future and it will allow us to expand which will create more jobs locally. It’s a fantastic bit of kit”


Angela Maclean

Egg Robot Palletiser

“I just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you all and to compliment the 3 guys for this weeks install. Professional and courteous throughout, nothing was a problem. Mark in particular made sure everything was spot on before he left. All 3 are a great asset to your company and I look forward to the next one! Thanks again”

James Trebble
Head of Feed Production

Animal Feed Bagging Machine

“We researched our options for upgrading our packing lines and we were looking for a good product and good value with the emphasis on after sales support. We had used the RM Group in the past to install an Easy Teach system on one line, so we asked them to come in and provide a solution for the replacement of a robotic sack placer. This was installed in a very busy period,  the job was planned and everything went to schedule. Their personnel communicated and worked well with our engineering team and installed the machine ahead of schedule. We would recommend the RMGroup as an excellent UK based provider of packing equipment and solutions based on our experience”




Glenn Haggart
Poultry Manager

Egg Palletising Solutions

“The ABB Palletising Robot has increased efficiency and therefore productivity on our farms. There has been a noticeable reduction in seconds especially minor cracks during the latter part of the season where eggs are more fragile”

Darryl Davies
Production Manager



“From initial contact with RMGroup the communication between us has been brilliant, I have always had a rapid response. I had the opportunity to ‘try before I buy’ as there was a Bulk Bagger in their factory in Newtown. I was able to bring my animal feed to their factory and try the machine. I have had issues with ‘roll back’ due to the light weight of our product, it can fall back down the conveyor as its being taken up to the chute but due to the design of the BB215 this didn’t happen”

Carl Gordan
Operations Manager


“As part of a general line upgrade, we asked RM Group to propose a solution to automate our bucket palletising and pallet wrapping process. Working within in a very tight footprint RM Group patiently worked with us to identify a feasible layout.
RM Group demonstrated a high level of professionalism and process knowledge, working closely with ourselves and other integrators, resulting in a successful, operator friendly system, performing reliably and fully to our specification”

Malcolm George
Senior Production Supervisor

SCA Timber

“During the pre-building and testing at the RM Group facility we were kept informed on the projects progress and found them very willing to accommodate modifications we requested during the testing and installation process.

We now have a successful, operator friendly system, performing reliably and fully to our specification.”

Andy Chambers
Managing director


Melcourt Logo

“This is another great product by RMG. The project has been a great success and we will be sure to use RMG in the near future.”.”

Richard Bruckshaw

“One of the main reasons I contacted RMGroup was because of the positive reputation I have heard, I’d spoken to a previous customer who had purchased a palletising system off RMGroup, and they told me that RMGroup’s after service and support was one of the best in the industry.”

Christien Jones
Project Director

“From the outset, RM Group inspired confidence. Supported by ABB, they demonstrated a high level of expertise and technical ability. We were kept fully advised and involved with trials at the design and development stage.The door to the RM Group factory was always open during manufacture.

The system was installed very efficiently with minimal disruption to our day to day operation. System performance is every bit keeping pace, we have been able to improve quality and consistency for our customer, enabling us to meet peek demands.”

Michael Woodward
Day Group

“Due to the professionalism, quality and reliability of RMGroup and the systems we have received, we have continued to place multiple orders throughout 2015, totaling 12 full lines to date. We are extremely impressed with all aspects of the systems especially the increase in production that they have provided us.

The decision to purchase from RMGroup was made whilst hiring both their Mobile Packaging Lines in 2014. To meet the growing demands we were resolute on purchasing machinery we could trust. Reliability and longevity was at the top of our list. Speed was also a factor. The whole range of machinery acquired have been exceptional, with the manual baggers providing operators a much more user-friendly and accurate tool. The fully automated line increasing production, and the mobile line allowing us flexibility with our bagging, enabling us to bag at source, without compromising on reliability and speed.

RMGroup have met our expectations and provided excellent after-care, with engineers promptly arriving on site to rectify any issues that have developed. We look forward to continuing our affiliation with them into the near future on various projects, with the next line due for installation in November”

Chris Radbourne

“The manual bagging line that we purchased from RMGroup has been a great asset to us at Radbournes, increasing the speed and efficiency of our process dramatically.

The robot has been especially advantageous providing us with improved output speeds, stack presentation and stability. It has also increased our capacity and production rate whilst keeping our staff levels and overheads constant therefore reducing our cost per unit of production significantly.

Support from RMGroup has been second to none, with any small issues dealt with swiftly, with consumables arriving within twelve hours from ordering, returning us to full production.

We would highly recommend RMGroup to anyone who wants improved reliability and throughput. Radbournes will certainly be entrusting RMGroup with other projects in the future.”

David Hamilton

“CPL Distribution selected the RM Group to design and supply two bespoke twin form fill and seal machines as part of a project to fully automate our existing solid fuel packing lines. These machines needed to be of a unique design to cope with the speed of bagging solid fuel products (ranging in weight from 10 to 25kg) far in excess of conventional known form, fill and seal packing technology as each would link with a multi head weighing system capable of presenting a weighed quantity of product every two seconds.

RM Group working in conjunction with their Italian partner PKT designed the concept of a twin machine with supporting equipment such as conveyors, which would fit under and link with the existing weighing equipment and present the finished bag to a robot for palletisation. Working with the companies own in house engineers they successfully installed the system on the first line in the summer of 2012 and then on the second line in 2013. Both projects went to plan including commissioning and fine tuning of which the R M Group provided exceptional support especially in relation to the first machine with some of the unforeseen issues with installing a new unique system.

Overall I have found the RM Group to be very helpful and professional and genuinely inventive in finding solutions and designing systems to meet specific requirements and as a consequence we continue to seek their advice and engage their services for smaller scale projects. They continue to provide a personal service whether it be for new projects or supporting existing equipment. I would certainly recommend their services particularly in relation to designing systems for the handling and bagging of dirty or unevenly sized products.”

Chris Enwright
Manufacturing Manager

“Following the successful installation of a Form, Fill and Seal machine in March 2011 the operators at RS Clare quickly became familiar with the new technology. The accuracy, reliability and effectiveness of the packaging line significantly improved the packaging operation resulting in improved schedule adherence, through put and reduced waste.

As RMGroup demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs, had experience of our products and we had experience of their exceptional service they were the natural choose when we decided to further automate the packaging line.

Taking advise from RM Group and working within the confines of a budget RS Clare opted for an ABB robot with a 3 pallet accumulation system to palletise thermoplastic lining material onto pallets. The configuration of the system and engaging the operators was critical to the success of the project, for which RMGroup supported throughout.

The system was ordered in January 2012 and installed in March 2013; on time, within budget and exceeded all expectations. The system has resulted in significantly reduced manual handling, improved line capacity and overall throughput. RS Clare would like to thanks all the staff at RMGroup especially the engineers for their continued support and service enabling RS Clare to continuously improve their thermoplastic packaging operations.”

David Setton

“Alpha Commodities, one of the world’s largest salt distributors, contacted RM group to learn of possible solutions to maximize the bagging capability in its large scale strategic storage in the port of Cherbourg, France. Alpha planned on packing a large 7-digit amount of 25kg de-icing salt bags and was looking for a comprehensive solution that would be cost effective for the large volume and at the same time would keep to Alpha’s strict quality assurance process.

The RM group machinery and staff proved to be the best solution in all terms, with its fast packing rates, exceeding Alpha’s original expectations of 1,000mt/week and the always available ,constant support covering both the technical aspects and the day- to -day operation of the machines, as well as professional counseling on various issues, such as bag manufacturing.

Alpha found the RM group to be a highly reliable and recommended business associate and would like to continue the relationship for many years to come.”

Ian Mercer
Managing Director

“When we decided to venture into the coal market, we were absolutely certain that RM Group would supply a packaging line that would deliver on performance and reliability. We were confident that Rm Group could supply to spec following successful installations in the past.

All machinery was delivered on time and installations were complete within a matter of weeks.”

Phil Kirby

“It is a pleasure to work with the RMGroup team. Every project we entrust to them has always been to a very high standard. The RMGroup are very true to their word, which in my opinion is essential in today’s industry”

Phil Rowan

ABN Group

“I am only too pleased to put my name forward to recommend the RMGroup for first-class work undertakes at our Cullompton site installing and commissioning the new packaging line complete with robot palletiser. Thank you once again”