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RMGroup Stretch Hooder – Pallet stretch hooding is a fast growing solution for protecting and securing pallet loads during storage and transport.

Our partner in pallet stretch hooding, Lachenmeier have been industry specialists since their foundation back in 1969. Lachenmeier have concentrated on the manufacturing of film wrapping machinery for securing pallets. For this reason, we know and trust that the needs and requirements of our customers can be met flexibly, reliably, efficiently and provide a cost-effective solution.

RMGroup can supply an automatic pallet stretch hood system or pallet wrapper either as part of a new line or integrate into an existing one.

From our factory in the UK, RMGroup field service engineers are able to fully back up support with a structured aftersales service program and provision of spare parts.

Stretch Hooder - Pallet stretch hooding

RMGroup Strech Hooder – The Stretch Hooding Process Explained..

The stretch hood machine uses reels of gusseted polythene tube, which automatically unwinds to a required length, heat seals and cuts to create a plastic bag. The bag or hood is then carefully stretched open and lowered over the product. As it is lowered, it is released whereupon the stretch in the hood recovers to securely hold and protect the product.
With all the qualities of heat-shrinking systems, the stretch hood provides protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust) to many different types and profiles of palletised goods.



• High integrity waterproofing, dust proofing and UV protection for outdoor storage
• Greater load stability
•Stability is improved with a combination of vertical, transversal and longitudinal stretch
• Capable of creating OPEN TOP (Band) or CLOSED TOP (Hood)
• Lower material cost
• Only 1 single layer of material covers 5 sides which is better for the environment – Do more with less!
• Possibility to run with transparent or coloured film, or film with printed logo/images for marketing and product identification
• Option to run perforated film
• Easy removal of packaging for end user
• Long-lasting tubular reel film with reduced operator intervention and stoppages

Products suited to hooding

• Food
• Beverage
• Aggregates
• White goods
• Textile
• Plastic and paper sacks
• Containers
• Paper
• Building materials
• Electro-mechanics
• Glass
• Insulating Material



If you handle unstable goods the best solution to stabilise these type of loads is to stretch hood. By using hooding technology you can minimize and prevent damages such as crushing, moving and shifting of product, damage from the elements and infestation.

For maximum load security the stretch hood process uses a continuous roll of high-quality gusseted film. The system operates automatically and can adjust depending on the height of each pallet.

The Power Flex T1 – For mainly one pallet size. Saves time, space and energy.

The Multi FleX1 – The fully flexible high-speed machine for variety of pallet sizes.

The Multi FleXL – Ideal for large loads up to 3m in width and 3m in height.

If you are unsure which system would best suit your requirements, please contact a member of the team.

Stetch Hooder Systems


This stretch hooding system is a proven solution for securing loads of different heights but only one pallet footprint or pallets with a very slight difference in dimensions. Pallets are secured down to floor level by all of the hooding systems.

The Power Flex can secure 120+ loads an hour.

Stretch Hooding



If your requirement is to hood a variety of load sizes with only one film size at a very high throughput then this system is the best solution. The Multi Flex1 also has the capability of being fitted with several different rolls of film, this provides the ability to hood pallet loads with larger variation in size. The four-gripper system on the Multi Flex1 allows each gripper to be adjusted individually lengthways and widthways to suit each pallet size.

This Stretch hooding system can secure at very high speeds of up to 250+ loads per hour.

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