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Pallet Hooding Systems

Pallet stretch hooding is now one of the fastest growing solutions for protecting and securing pallet loads during storage and transport.

Our partner in pallet stretch hooding, VFB Bocedi have been established in Italy for over 50 years and have been at the forefront of stretch hood technology since their development in the process began in the 1990’s.

RMGroup can supply an automatic pallet stretch hood system either as part of a new process line or integrate into an existing line.

From our factory in the UK, RMGroup field service engineers are able to fully back up support with a structured aftersales service program and provision of spare parts.

stretch hooder pallet wrapping machine

The Stretch Hooding Process Explained..

The stretch hood machine uses reels of gusseted polythene tube, which it automatically unwinds to a required length, heat seals and cuts to create a plastic bag. The bag or hood is then carefully stretched open and lowered over the product. As it is lowered, it is released where upon the stretch in the hood recovers to securely hold and protect the product.
With all the qualities of heat-shrinking systems, the stretch hood provides protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust) to many different types and profiles of palletised goods.



• High integrity waterproofing and dust proofing of the load for outdoor storage
• Greater load stability
•Stability is improved with a combination of vertical, transversal and longitudinal stretch
• Capable of creating OPEN TOP (Band) or CLOSED TOP (Hood)
• Lower material cost
• * Only 1 single layer of material covers the 4 or 5 sides of the load
• Possibility to run with trans-parent or coloured film, or film with printed logo / images for marketing and product identification
• Option to run perforated film
• Easy removal of packaging for end user
• No expensive heat shrinking
• Long lasting tubular reel film with reduced operator intervention and stoppages

Products suited to hooding

• Aggregates
• White goods
• Textile
• Plastic and paper sacks
• Containers
• Paper
• Building materials
• Electro-mechanics
• Glass
• Beverage
• Insulating Material
• Food

Stretch hooding machinery end of line pallet securing

FB 4.0 Brand New Stretch Hooder with innovative packing concept

The FB4.0 is the most innovative stretch hooder RMGroup can offer. The Bocedi FB4.0 hooding solution is versatile, designed to support different film sizes and able to secure different pallet sizes with just one machine. The stretch hooder will automatically recognize the pallet size and the correct film will be used with no time loss, increasing the speed of the process. The stretch hooder operates via a user-friendly intuitive touch panel and requires very little maintenance, film change can be completed quickly reducing any downtime. Aesthetically the finished pallet is neat, smooth and waterproof. The tubular film can be transparent or personalized with any logo or graphics clearly displaying customers branding. Able to hood 250 pallets an hour.
The machines have been engineered to use only one layer of recycled material and without the need of heat the energy requirement is less reducing the overall emission.


•Speed: 250 + pallets per hour
• Max pallet dimensions: on request
• Min.pallet dimensions: 400mm x 400mm
• Pallet height: on request
• Film thickness: 20-200µ
• Maximum pallet loads: 2500kg _ higher load on request_
• 1-4 reels

Stretch Hooder and Pallet Wrapping Machine

Stretch Hooder Dimensions

FB 1000 Stretch Hooder with patented system

The FB 1000 is our standard machine, capable of stretch hooding most common pallet sizes and types. It operates
on the cold stretch principal so no requirement for flame
or warm air, making it a simple efficient solution.

The system has a capacity for 1 or 2 reels of stretch tubular film to accommodate mixed size pallets or simply speed up reel change.


• Speed: Up to 80 pallets per hour
• Max pallet dimensions: 1350 mm x 1150mm
• Min.pallet dimensions: 800mm x 600mm
• Pallet height: Up to 2,100mm
• Film thickness: Up to 180µ
• Maximum pallet loads: 2000kg
• Option for twin reel with automatic selection


Stretch Hooder

Stretch Hooder Dimensions Pallet wrapping


FB 2000 Stretch Hooder with patented system

The FB 2000 machine operates on all the same principals
as the FB 1000, only it has the flexibility to be tailored to customer requirements outside of standard pallet or
product specifications.

There is capacity for up to 3 different reels of stretch tubular film to cater for a wider scope of product dimensions or type, and the capability of wrapping more than 180 pallets per hour.


• Speed: Up to 180 pallets per hour
• Max pallet dimensions: According to customer specification
• Min. pallet dimensions: According to customer specification
• Pallet height: According to customer specification
• Up to 3 reels with automatic selection
• Maximum pallet loads: 2000kg
• Film thickness: Up to 200µ
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