Here at RMGroup we understand that the availability of parts and a strict service regime is crucial to all of our customers to minimise downtime. That’s why we have compiled a number of preventative measures for our customers to put in place following the commissioning period. Our highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers are the driving force of our ‘customer care team’. To book a service simply contact our office.

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All new equipment supplied by RMGroup is covered by 12 months warranty. Used equipment is supported by 6 months warranty. This covers any repair or replacement of defective parts from the date of installation. As standard, all automated packaging systems are installed by our engineers who stay on site until your operators are comfortable to operate systems alone. Any additional training at a later date can be provided but charged to the customer.

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Robotic And Packaging Service And Repairs


RMGroup have highly trained mechanical, electrical and control systems engineers across the UK. This allows us to respond rapidly to any service or support requirements either via a site visit, or remotely via our eWON system – an internet based, remote access tool. This allows us to diagnose, respond and repair to any breakdowns or problems that may affect the customer and minimise expensive downtime. This peace of mind is key in continuing a strong customer relationship.



Robotic service coverage UK


Preventative maintenance carried out by one of our dedicated service team is essential in allowing you to minimize the risk of equipment failure and expensive production downtime. If you are looking for a UK Automation Company with the best level of service and maintenenace contact a member of the Service Department today.

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Robotic And Packaging Service And RepairsRobotic And Packaging Service And Repairs



Remote connectivity

RMGroup are able to supply connection to the internet in any environment no matter how remote due to the flexibility of the routers we use providing a secure connections via Hard Wired installations, WI-FI or 3G..

Remote Monitoring

Through the use of routers and software RM are able to provide a secure connection between computers and production lines. Allowing for secure live feed connectivity to CCTV surveillance, HMI panels of palletising robots, Form Fill Systems and conveying to be displayed and controlled from a web browser.

Off-site fault finding

Hardware fitted inside control panels allow RM engineers to carry out preventative remote access maintenance, fault finding and programme changes remotely from RMGroup HQ, Saving uncountable hours of downtime for customers.

Unlimited options

The remote access service is available as a part of an annual servicing plan. Please contact our service manager to inquire further