Due to its characteristics, post mix and similar products need to be packed so it is watertight. RMGroup have supplied a range of bag filling and weighing systems to post mix suppliers. De-aeration Vertical Form, fill and seal  is the most popular machine among our customers, paired with robot palletising this offers the ideal solution.

Manual Bagging MachineIf the need is for a robust bagging machine which is operator friendly, capable of high throughputs then the manual bagging machine is a good choice. The MB-300, a simple bagging system compatible with many applications is capable of 300 bags an hour. The MB400 manual bagging machine with conveyor belt in-feed capable of bagging up to 400 bags an hour and the MB500 Manual bagging machine capable of 500 bags per hour with electronic weighing system for accurate filling.

The BP800 Bag placer  is new to the sack and bag filling range and can accommodate bags of various sizes, materials and  closure device. Bag placers are used to place pre-made bags onto a filling head. The bag placers we design and manufacture are built to handle different materials from a free flowing sugar to aggressive coals.  Contact a member of the team to discuss how the automated bag placer can be integrated into your system increasing bag filling speeds to open mouth bags. If an alternative solution is required instead of Form fill and seal the bag placer can offer a high-speed result for customers requiring automatic packing.

The Mobile Bagging System is the solution for bagging product at various location. Customers can reduce the cost of transporting product to bagging plants. The mobile range is a robust packaging system that is versatile enough to cope with rugged terrain, and produces a high-speed bagging result. The mobile bagging line can be transported to various bagging sites and can be set up to bag product within an hour.

Packaging Machine For Post mixCase Study – Reader Group

Following a very successful installation at Reader group, RMGroup are proud to present an innovative packaging solution to the cementitious packaging industry. Reader have been manufacturing grouts, sprayed concretes and equipment for the civil construction and mining industries since 1985 and is one of the most established grout and machinery manufacturing facilities of its kind in the United Kingdom. Full story can be read here.
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Fully Automated SolutionsManual SolutionsPalletising Solutions

FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery equipment packaging bagging packing sealing automated labelling

Form Fill and Seal 

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Packaging machinery available for small & large bag production.

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Slate Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising

LTF-800 Mobile Packaging System

Fully automated mobile packaging & bagging plant systems. Pack products at source

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Post Mix Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising

MB-300 Manual Bagger

Manual bagging machinery for all applications with integrated weighing systems for fast reliable bagging.

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Post Mix Slate Bag and Sack filling.

MB-500 Manual Bagger

Universal manual bagging System with impulse heat sealer

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Post Mix Slate Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising for aggregates, sand, gravel, stone. Process packaging Machinery and Equipment

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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