Bagging Machine For Plastics • RMGroup have supplied a range of bag filling and weighing systems to plastic pellets suppliers all across the UK.

Bagging Machine For Plastics

The Manual bagging range is a good popular option . The MB-300 is a simple bagging system, compatible with many applications and is capable of 300 bags an hour. The MB400 machine has a conveyor belt in-feed capable of bagging up to 400 bags an hour. The MB500 can bag 500 bags per hour and has an electronic weighing system for accurate filling.

Plastic or resin pellets are used to manufacture plastic products and are bagged into various size bags. Plastic Pellet sizes range from 2 to 6 mm and are usually found in a ball, barrel or disc shape. This characteristic makes the pellets relatively a free flowing product and is an easy material to process through a bagging machine for plastics, we have supplied FFS machines to the plastic industry for many years.

The high speed Form, fill and seal machine is capable of bagging up to 17 bags per minute (product dependant). Operators are simply required to oversee the packing line, load product, load empty pallets and remove filled pallets off the line. This system proves popular with customers in the plastic industry looking for high speeds and consistency in production runs. If the requirement is to pack a wide variety of products with varying bag sizes and regular product changeovers a semi-automated system is an effective solution. Include   ABB robot palletising as a means of full automation. An alternative to the FFS is the BP800 Bag Placer

A world leading company in PVC compounds and dry blends contacted RMGroup to supply a fully automated system in their 300,00 sq ft site. With over 40 years experience in the plastic industry the brief was simple, the most efficient and automated system we could supply. The FPK48 which is capable of 26 bags a minute was installed along with an ABB Robot Palletising system, conveyors including a vibrating conveyor which ensured free flowing product to the chute. RMGroup are able to supply and install any system depending on our customers requirements, from basic Manual systems through to fully automated vertical Form, fill and seal bag filling systems with robot palletising.

Palletising Robot Automation Palletizing robotic packerRMGroup design, manufacture and supply bagging machinery for the Plastics industry.  Bagging solutions for plastics can consist of semi-automatic to fully automatic packaging equipment and accessories. The range includes baggers, ABB robots, counters, weighing, conveyors, thermal transfer printers and bespoke bag packaging systems. With over 25 years experience RMGroup has the expertise to design a packaging solution for you which is manufactured in the UK

• Increase throughput, reduce labour costs and raise overall profitability using systems that operate at high speeds and accuracy.
• Increase productivity and profitability with an automated bagging system.
• Improve Health & Safety and working conditions
• Reduce waste

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Bag Placing Machine

Bag Placer

Bag placer for filling open-mouth bags

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Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fullyautomated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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