RM3000 Pallet Wrapper

Automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table for the stabilisation of palletised loads. The RM 3000 has low installation requirements, high production capacity and is compact in design compared to its rivals, the pallet wrapper is a high-performance, highly automated wrapping station for an end-of-line packaging. The design, materials and dedicated software applied to developing this in-line wrapping machine are based on the highests standards of quality and safety.

The high stiffness of the frame, along with the resistance and reliability of all rotating parts, controls and functions guarantees top efficiency and durability even in harsh working conditions. The RM 3000 is RMgroups answer to industrial requirements for high productivity.

Benefits of using a Pallet stretch wrapper:

• Faster and more efficient than the manual method – Higher productivity
• Less film is used -Saving money. Better carbon footprint
• Increased Health & Safety – Less accidents
• More reliable at keeping the elements out – Less damage to pallets and product



RM3000 Pallet wrapper

Technical Specifications

Pallet Dimensions min – max
600×800 – 1000x1200mm
Maximum pallet height
Output capacity
Pallet/h 4
Standard pre-stretch carriage
Single motor, fixed pre-stretch with additional different ratios
Optional pre-stretch carriage
Double motor, variable pre-stretch
Power supply voltage
V 400 ± 5%
Power supply frequency
Hz 50 / 60 ± 1%
Compressed air pressure
Bar 6 ± 1
Film reel height
mm 500 (Standard) – 750 (Optional)
Max reel diameter
mm 250
Reel cardboard height
mm 510
Workable film thickness
μm 17 – 30
TOP Film thickness
μm 40 – 100


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End of line pallet wrapping provides stabilization and improved presentation

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