Bulk Bagging System

The MB-500 can reach speeds of up to 500 bags an hour. Throughputs are very much dependant on product and operator speeds. Good operators on this machine have been known to place 600 bags an hour on the filling spout.

Standard bagging machines usually include hopper, In-feed conveyor, electronic weighing system, pneumatic bag clamp, filled bag conveyor and continuous heat sealer. This system is most suitable for customers looking to include or later upgrade with a robot palletising system. Please click on the video below to view the MB-500 system bagging 25Kg bags of aggregates. The MB-400 and MB-500 range can be built with an integrated bulk bagging system. The system would utilise the same in-feed for the small bag filling operation as the bulk bag filling machine. We would supply a heavy duty steel platform to which the small bagging system is mounted. The platform is simply lifted away from the in-feed conveyor and replaced with the bulk bagging frame, weighing platform and control panel. A cost effective solution for customers looking to maximise their product range using one system.

Semi Automatic Bagging machine food

Semi Automatic Bagging machine food

Open mouth bagging machine






Bagging Machine for open-mouth bags and sacks



Technical Specifications

Bags Per Hour
500 bags an hour average
Weighing capabilities
Sealing type
Air supply
Power supply
315v 20amp

Manual Bagging Machine Sack filling


Alternative Options

Sack Filling Machinery

MB-300 Manual Bagger

Universal bagging system with impulse heat sealer for bagging Aggregates, Rock Salt, Wood Pellets and much more…

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Bag filling machine Manual Bagging Machinery equipment for process packaging and product handling

MB-400 Manual Bagger

MB400 manual bagging machine with conveyor belt in-feed capable of bagging up to 400 bags an hour

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