Manual Bagging System

The MB-300 is a universal bagging system for Aggregates, Rock Salt, Wood pellets, Animal Feeds and much more..

We wanted to design a robust bagging machine which was operator friendly, capable of high throughputs and needed very few consumable spares. Our aim was to develop a system that would become accessible to those who were new to the packaging industry. From this, we developed the MB-300, a simple bagging system compatible with many applications.

Capable of bagging up to 300 bags an hour, The MB-300 semi-automatic bagging machine comes complete with 4 tonne hopper, shaker tray, electronic load cell bag clamp, weigh indicator, manual filled bag trolley and Star 66 heat sealer with pedal stool and foot switch.

As standard the system requires Single phase 240v power supply and 7 cfm air supply.


Semi-automatic / Manual Bagging Machine

Semi-automatic Bagging Machinery • High-speed Bag Filling


Technical Specifications

Suitable for filling
Aggregates and Rock Salt IBC’s.
Hopper capacity
4 Tonne
Number of operators required
Weight capabilities
Sealing type
Impulse sealing
Air supply
Power supply
240v/415v 16amp

Manual Bagging Machinery Sack Filling

Alternative Options

Sand Aggregate Manual Bagging Machinery equipment for process packaging and product handling

MB-400 Manual Bagger

Manual bagging machine capable of bagging up to 400 bags per hour

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Manual Bagging Machinery equipment for process packaging and product handling. Aggregates sand plastics pet food animal feed

MB-500 Manual Bagger

Manual bagging system capable of bagging 500 bags per hour

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