Semi-automatic Bagging Machines

RMGroup tailor semi-automatic bagging systems to suit your product, bag type and desired throughput. RMGroup supply the complete system from bulk hoppers, in-feed conveyors and weighing machinery through to the bag handling, sack closing and bag preparation machines. Open-mouth bagging machines are suitable for a variety of different products. Contact us with your industry requirements.

Manual Bagging equipment bagger bag half tonne packing packaging palletising

MB-300 Manual Bagger

Universal open-mouth bagging system with impulse heat sealer for bagging Aggregates, Rock Salt, Wood Pellets and much more…


Sack filling machine bag filling machinery

MB-400 Manual Bagger

MB400 manual bagging machine with conveyor belt in-feed capable of bagging up to 400 open-mouth bags an hour. Semi-automatic bag filling machine


Manual Sack Filling Machine Bag Machinery Bagger

MB-500 Manual Bagger

Manual open-mouth bagging machine capable of 500 bags per hour Electronic weighing system for Sack and Bag filling, semi-automatic packing machinery