FPK 46

Form Fill and Seal

Form Fill Seal Machines use a flat roll of film with pre-designed & applied artwork. The Form Fill & Seal machine will Form the flat roll into a bag & then fill it with the desired product. Once filled the bag is then sealed ready for the next stage in the packaging line.

The FPK 46 Form, Fill & Seal machine provides the perfect solution to those looking to bag Animal feeds, cat litter or wood pellets. It has the ability to reach a throughput of 60 bags a minute, depending on product type and bag size.

Its versatility to lend itself to many products along with its robust mechanical components makes the FPK 46 a popular Form, Fill and Seal machine.

Previous installations of the FPK 46 can be viewed by prior appointment with RMGroup.

FFS Form Fill & Seal Machinery Bagging Equipment

Form Fill & Seal Machine

Form fill Seal Machines FFS Vertical filling machine

Technical Specifications

Bags Per Minute
26 Bags per minute
Sealing type
Temperature controlled impulse sealing
Sack dimensions
680 x 480 mm
Maximum reel width
1000 mm
Maximum reel diameter
600 mm
Power input
Air consumption
Operating pressure
6 bar
Applied technology
Brushless Motors


Alternative Options

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FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery equipment packaging bagging packing sealing automated labelling

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