FPK 44

Form Fill and Seal

The FPK 44 Form fill seal vertical packaging system is the most popular model from the FPK series. It’s the most compact heavy duty form, fill and seal machine available from the FPK range, which makes it ideal for our mobile bagging lines.

Our Form fill and seal machinery proves to be extremely versatile to handle most applications. Previous installations include bagging lines for wood pellets, animal feeds, rock salt, wet sand and other aggregates.

If your products have abrasive qualities, we can supply machinery manufactured in stainless steel. specifically for bagging rock salt. It comes fitted with stainless steel contact parts to counteract the abrasive qualities of the product. This provides a robust bagging line for the customer for years to come.

Our Form Fill and Seal systems form bags from a pre-printed roll of film, which is then filled with the raw material and sealed by the Vertical FFS machine, producing a branded product ready for sale.

FFS systems are usually used in high speed fully automated systems paired with a variety of conveyors and an ABB palletising robot. This particular model is often used in the portable packaging lines LTF800

FFS Form Fill Seal machine bagging line packaging plant process machinery equipment

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Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Technical Specifications

Bags Per Minute
20 Bags per minute
Sealing type
Temperature controlled impulse sealing
Sack dimensions
680 x 480 mm
Maximum reel width
1000 mm
Maximum reel diameter
600 mm
Power input
Air consumption
50 Litres/P.Cycle
Operating pressure
6 bar
2200 Kg
Applied technology
Brushless Motors

Form Fill & Seal Machinery
FFS Form fill Seal Packing Line Robot Palletiser


Alternative Options

FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery equipment packaging bagging packing sealing automated labelling

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Twin Vertical High Speed Form Fill & Seal for packaging Coal, Wood Pellets and much more..

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The FPK46 is a High Speed packaging system suitable for Coal, Wood Pellets, Animal Feed and more..

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FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery equipment packaging bagging packing sealing automated labelling

FPK42 Form Fill & Seal

The FPK42 Packaging System is perfect for small bag production. With the capacity of bagging 1kg to 5kg bags.

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