Benefits of asset finance

With Academy, the process is very straight-forward. Typically leasing agreements run like this:

Step 1 – RM Group Ltd finalises the order specification with its client. RM Group Ltd introduces the client to Academy as its preferred source of leasing.
Step 2 – Academy provide an immediate reply to the client with what, if any information is needed to secure your credit.
Step 3 – Academy performs credit searches.

Step 4 – The client is provided with leasing proposals from Academy and can review these, and thereafter select and sign the lease arrangement paperwork.
Step 5 – Academy co-ordinates with RM Group Ltd to arrange delivery and installation of the equipment (if selected).
Step 6 – The contract then begins between Academy and the client. Payment of the first invoice is made upon authorisation of RM Group Ltd satisfactory delivery of the equipment.

Leasing provides a great number of benefits.

Here are just 10 main benefits:

1. Tomorrows technology, today
Customers can take the advantage of the latest equipment and spread payments over a 2 to 5 year term.

2. Conserves working capital
Capital can be put to work for other more profitable purposes.

3. Payment reflects usage
Pay for the equipment as it is used and spread the cost through its working life i.e. 2 to 5 years.

4. Tax allowable
Depending on the type of lease, tax relief can be allowable on some of the monthly rental costs and all the VAT can be reclaimed by VAT registered businesses.

5. Upgrade facility
Take advantage of new equipment by simply upgrading or extending current usage.

6. Plan budgets
With rental payments, you know when and how much you have to pay. This is a FIXED TERM and FIXED RATE facility.

7. Acquire what is needed
You can acquire the equipment you need now, not just what you can afford.

8. Simple direct debit
One rental can include all equipment and ancillary cost i.e. installation, training, and maintenance costs.

9. Leasing does not affect existing credit lines
This has no impact on your existing bank facilities.

10. Flexible end of lease options
Terminate repayments and obtain title OR upgrade to new equipment

How much can I borrow?

Whether you’re replacing single items of equipment or have large set-up costs for a new start venture, we can help you get finance. We typically deal with companies looking to finance up to £500,000, however we can just as easily help you find more.

How do I apply for finance?

It’s really easy, simply contact RM Group Ltd or  Academy Leasing on 01942 408 521 k

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