Bag PlacerRMGroup can offer weighing and packing systems for dairy products and ingredients. With high-speed automatic open-mouth bagging lines with the BP800 bag placer and  form fill and seal machinery.   Robot palletisers and pick and place flexpicker robots make the packing process  fully-automated to ensure high-speed throughputs with minimal downtime.

The new RMGPPC-1200 Robotic pick and place cell provides high throughputs with precision and consistency. With a low footprint it can easily be integrated into current systems already installed.

The end of line stretch hooding or stretch wrapping systems are also available. The BP800 bag placer for open-mouth bags is the alternative solution to Form fill and Seal and are a reliable application to handle dairy at high speed and precision. With bespoke systems for quality checking also available our packaging lines can offer a low-cost solution to dairy packing requirements

RMGroup have designed and installed many bespoke lines to suit our customers needs. As well as reproducing and optimising commonly known systems of automation such as conventional robot palletisers, RMGroup also appreciate the potential of todays technologies for the development of bespoke automation .

RMGroup understands that an ‘off the shelf solution’ can’t always be applied. In order to cater for bespoke applications, a division in the company has been formed specifically to assist with bespoke projects. The focus is to support the customer with their challenging production requirements. RMGroup have supplied a range of systems to dairy companies. From high speed Pick & Place through to fully automated robot palletising.

Dairy packing machines. Form fill Seal Process Machinery and Equipment. Palletising Pallet wrapping Bag filling food packaging fully automated system

  • RMGroup can design, manufacture and install your packaging solution for the following:
  • Butter and butter blends.
  • Cheese, natural and processed cheese products.
  • Cultured Dairy. Yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, dips and other cultured dairy foods.
  • Frozen Desserts.
  • Ice Cream/Novelties.
  • Milk.
  • Whey, Milk Powder and more

There is no limitation to the container type, the system can be designed to handle:
Cardboard boxes and cartons
Plastic bottles, containers, tubs, jugs and bags
Glass bottles and jars

Able to handle rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging.

Case Study – Genau Hafod

In April 2015 RMGroup set out to revolutionise the egg palletising industry with an end-of-line automation solution that would allow egg producers to process and palletise their eggs with ease and at a speed that would dramatically influence their daily productions. Read the full story here.

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Fully Automated SolutionsPalletising Solutions

Robot Pick and Place Flexpicker


State-of-the-art high speed picking and packing robotic technology.

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Palletising dairy foods beverages


State-of-the-art high speed picking and packing robotic technology.

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Automated Dairy packing machines

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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