wood shaving baler, form fill sealRMGroup supply a wide range of manual and automatic packaging systems for wood products including chip pin. We supply both standardised stock systems, as well as bespoke machinery to suit budget and circumstance, with options to modify or add to your existing set up. Chip pin is a product familiar to RMGroup to pack. We have supplied packaging systems to some of the UK and Iceland’s largest chip pin suppliers.

The HDB 800 is a heavy duty baler machine with an 800 litre capacity main pressing chamber suitable for baling Chip pin, Wood Shavings, Sawdust and Pet Bedding. Here we have a 90% vertical and a 10% horizontal compression using hydraulic pressure of between 150 to 200 Bar, equating to around 15 tonnes of physical pressure exerted on the product being baled. form fill and seal machines, form fill sealRMGroup specialise in Horizontal form fill and seal baling systems. We have been providing and installing modern robust baling systems since 1998. Our commitment to deliver high quality systems is evident in our extensive list of previous installations for customers. Baling systems are suitable for products of low bulk density. The machine reduces the physical volume of the material in the finished bale. This in turn reduces storage, handling and transportation costs for the customer.

The high speed Form, fill and seal machine is capable of bagging up to 17 bags per minute (product dependant). Operators are simply required to oversee the packing line, load product, load empty pallets and remove filled pallets off the line. This system proves popular with slate customers looking for high speeds and consistency in production runs.


Baling Machine for chip pin wood productsCase Study – Fura

RMGroup were approached by Fura Iceland to install a fully automated baling plant for shredded recycled wood – or chip pin as sometimes known in the industry. The plant was built up from new and used machinery. We delivered the in-feed system as part of Phase 1, which included a bulk bagging system that the customer used to send test product out to potential customers. The system was designed to screen product from fines and dust before the packaging system. Read the full story here.



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Horizontal Baling systems for all types of products with poor flow characteristics

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The FPK46 Form Fill & Seal packaging machine is suitable for packing Coal, Wood pellets, Plastic pellets, Animal Feed & More

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Chip Pin Wood Products Bulk & Manual Packing Palletising Process Packaging Machinery and Equipment for aggregates, sand, gravel, stone.

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Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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