Cereal Baling Machinery

Cereal Baling System

For weighing, feeding and bagging cereals and seeds, RMGroup recommends a weigher with weight control systems with either automatic open-mouth bagging systems, manual open-mouth bagging systems or form-fill and seal systems. An automatic bagging line for cereals can be completed with the installation of a robot palletiser and either stretch hooding or stretch wrapping systems

There are many options for our Cereal customers to choose from, including weighing machines, form fill and seal to mobile bagging stations . From the complete line for grains, animal feed, sowing to the big bag filling line.

The BP800 Bag placer is new to the bag and sack filling range. The bag placer machine can accommodate bags of various sizes, materials and closure device making it highly versatile, precise and reliable. Contact a member of the team to discuss how the automated bag placer can be integrated into your system increasing bag filling speeds of open mouth bags.

The high speed Form, fill and seal machine is capable of bagging up to 17 bags per minute (product dependant). Operators are simply required to oversee the packing line, load product, load empty pallets and remove filled pallets off the line. This system proves popular with cereal and seed customers looking for high speeds and consistency in production runs.

Mobile Packaging Plant LTF800If there is a demand to bag cereals at source in various locations then the Mobile Bagging System is the solution. Customers can reduce the cost of transporting product to bagging plants. The mobile range is a robust packaging system that is versatile enough to cope with rugged terrain, and produces a high-speed bagging result. The mobile system can be transported to various bagging sites and could be set up to bag  product within an hour.

RMGroup specialise in process packaging machinery, view the Horizontal Form Fill and Seal systems, or visit our Baling Systems where you can find the solution to packing products such as cereals, maize, hay, straw, wood chip, sawdust, rock and glass wool, paper cellulose, peat/compost, miscanthus grass and much more.  A Robot Palletising system can be added to ease the process, creating an impressive fully automated line.


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Fully Automated SolutionsRobot Palletising Solutions

FFS Form Fill ~Seal machine machinery


The FPK42 Packaging System is perfect for small bag production. With the capacity of bagging 1kg to 5kg bags.

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Form Fill & Seal Machine


The FPK 44 Form, Fill & Seal packaging machine is suitable for Aggregates, Rock Salt, Road Markings and more.

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Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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