FIBC Bulk Bag Filling Systems – The Bulk Bagger –

Automation Solution For Bulk Material

RMGroup offer a range of machines for filling FIBC bulk bags. The bulk Bagging Machine can be used on a variety of product:

Aggregates • Coal • Salt • Animal Feed • Compost • Soil• Bark • Mulch • Wood Pellets

FIBC Bulk Bagging Machine Bulk Automation

BB-400 Bulk Bagging System

BB-400 Bulk Bagging System is capable of 3 bulk bags per minute and able to refill to weighment in just 17 seconds. Bulk Bag Hopper & equipment

FIBC Bulk bagging & sack filling machinery

BB-215 Bulk Bagging System

The BB-215 is a robust FIBC filling system which includes a large 15 tonne capacity hopper.

FIBC Bulk Bag Filling Machine

BB-150c Bulk Bag System

The BB-150c is a high speed bulk bag filling system with a large capacity boat hopper for bulky products