Packaging machinery for Baked foodPackaging, boxing and case handling for bakery products. Some of the largest brands in the industry have benefited from a system supplied by RMGroup. Bespoke automation process for food handling. Bespoke systems can be designed depending on our customers needs and budget. RMGroups team of technical specialists take great pride in their 25 years of experience in the packaging industry. Our proven know-how is expertly applied to RMGroups range of reliable, user friendly and innovative packaging machinery designed for the bakery industry which is manufactured in-house in the UK.

There is no limitation to the container type, the system can be designed to handle:

•Cardboard boxes and cartons
•Plastic bottles, containers, tubs, jugs and bags
•Glass bottles and jars

Able to handle rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging.

Form Fill and Seal machinery is perfect for high-speed filling and sealing bags from a roll of continuous film. Alternatively to FFS the BP800 Bag placer can be used as a form of automation and is new to the bag filling range. If the requirement is to bag flour, pre mixed cake powders, or other ingredients then this is a high-speed accurate solution.  The flexpicker and pick and place robots are a precise, high-speed option of product handling and quality checking.

From pancakes, fresh cakes and bread to frozen dough, bags of flour/ready mix powder to prebaked products, each application has its own uniqueRobotic Pick and place for fruit, vegetables, food and beverages

requirements for packaging, the team will be able to offer the best solution. Contact the team to discuss your requirements.

The fresh produce industry is driven by high challenging performance levels, varying line changeovers and a change in product formats and layer patterns depending on the type of container and product. RMGroup are continuously providing solutions for new challenges

Our food packing machine experience: Collating, case packing, tray packing, vertical form fill, flow wrap packing and palletising.

The RMGPPC-1200 is the high-speed alternative which has an IRB ABB1200. Product is conveyed into the pick and place cell. Empty crates/trays are inserted manually or conveyed from de-stacking system.
Sensors detect product in position and once full, the crate/case is ejected onto the out-feed conveying.
The cell is designed to allow ease of maintenance and clean down whilst utilising minimal floor space. The robust 6 axis robot allows flexible and versatile packing, for an ever changing consumer market.

Suitable for

– IFCO Crates
(Full and half sizes)
– Bale Arm crates
– Display Units
– Shelf Ready Packs (SRP’s)
– Cases.

Suitable for the following products

Food products: Wheat, corn, cereals, malt, coffee, rice, maize and more.

Bakery: Crumpets, flatbreads, pitta, loafs, Baguettes and bagels as well as sweet bakery like cakes, pastries and pancakes

Fresh produce: Fruit, vegetables, food and beverages

Case Study – Village Bakery

RM Group were presented with the challenge of developing a high speed handling solution to arrange a variety of bakery products into various pack ready formats. The remit, to “dramatically and reliably increase production handling capability and maintain very high quality standards”, came to us from Village Bakery Group, the well regarded Welsh baker.Supplying a 10 robot system, split into two banks of five, ABB Flex-Picker IRB360’s with Pick Master 3 control.

Bakery Robot Packaging machinery for Baked produceThe system also incorporates six ABB high resolution vision systems, which not only take advantage of the Flex-Picker’s accuracy, but also provide a high degree of quality inspection for shape and colour. Providing the customer even more enhanced quality control. read more

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Fully Automated Solutions Palletising Solutions

Robot Pick and Place Flexpicker

High Speed Pick & Place

State-of-the-art high speed picking and packing robotic technology.

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Bakery packaging machines. Palletising

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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