RMGroup are pleased to announce the introduction of the BP800 Bag Placer, the open mouth bagging machine is the high-speed bagging solution for sacks and bags of different sizes and materials.

The BP800 bag placing machine is highly versatile, precise and reliable. The fully automatic high-speed machine is able to adapt to various applications which require change in bag materials, sizes and closing devices. The BP800 system is designed to provide constant, consistent bag positioning, opening, closing and conveying of open mouth bags.

The BP800 Bag placer can fill either gusseted or pillow-type open-mouth bags of different materials such as porous and laminated polywoven, paper, woven, paper/polylined, PE and polyethylene bags.

Automatic Bag Positioners
Introducing Automatic Bag Placement for open mouth bags and sack filling

If your requirement is an open-mouth bagger then the BP800 Bag placer is the solution. It is fully automatic and suitable for handling free-flowing bulk products, the bag placing machine is designed to meet the requirements of most industries. The system is an efficient, modern, high-speed design yet affordable automatic bag filling and closing system.

The BP800 Bag placer automatically picks and positions the empty bag while the filler spout fills the bag with the product at the desired weight. The bag is then immediately guided along the conveyor.

The heavy-duty design of the BP800 sack filling system ensures low-cost maintenance and reliability. The user-friendly operator interface allows customers full control over the sack and bag filling machine. With remote assistance from RMGroup Service and aftercare department available, confidence in minimum downtime is guaranteed.

RMGroups Open-mouth bagging machinery is quick, compact, and to the highest safety standards. The bag filling machine can be configured to suit any kind of production line, whether new or existing.

Our 2 separate bag magazines enable no downtime while still operating at full speed. Customers have total bag control (TBC)
The BP800 open-mouth bagging machine reaches speeds up 800 bags per hour, from 5kg – 50kg providing the perfect solution if the product type is likely to change in the future or needs to be flexible.

With options to have net or gross weighing and dosing and glue sealing, heat sealing, or stitch closure methods.

Suitable for the following products

Aggregate products: Stone, sand, slate, decorative gravel and postmix.

Food products: Wheat, corn, cereals, malt, coffee, rice, maize and more.

Chemical & Mineral products: Coal, rock salt, fertiliser, plastic pellets, thermoplastic, paint and adhesives

Animal Feed: Pellet feed, cattle feed, mineral feed and more

Agricultural products: organic pellet fertilizer, corn, seed, beans and grass seed

Powdered Food: Milk Powder, Huel, Powdered protein, Spice and marinade mixes, bakery mixes for cakes and bread, flours and sugars

If your product is not listed above please contact us

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