Packaging & Bagging Automated Packaging Systems for pet and animal feed

Animal Feed bulk baggingPacking animal feed can be performed at high-speed with a semi or fully automated packaging line from RMGroup. We have supplied automated bagging & packaging systems to some of the UK’s largest pet food & animal feed suppliers. RMGroup recently installed an automated packaging system for game feed which is detailed under the news section.

With our wide range of automated form fill & seal machinery, we have something for all. These systems range from the FPK 42 a smaller FFS machine capable of producing 20 small bags per minute, to the high speed FPK 66 which is capable of outputting 20 large bags per minute. The FPK 46 provides the perfect solution for those looking to bag animal feeds, cat litter or wood pellets, it has the throughput of 16 bags a minute, depending on the product type and bag size. The FPK46 is one of the most popular Form, Fill and Seal machines available, due to its versatility to lend itself to many products along with its robust mechanical components. Metal detection can also be added to the bagging process. Animal feed dosing, weighing, bagging, packaging, palletising machines are accurate, fast and reliable and with RMGroups excellent aftersales service support our customers can expect full confidence. Whatever the animal feed, our machinery can bag mash, pellets or crumbles for cattle, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs.

New to the bag filling range is the BP800 Bag placer. Contact a member of the team to discuss how the automated bag placer can be integrated into your animal feed bagging system increasing bag filling speeds of open mouth bags. The BP800 can accommodate bags of various sizes, materials and closure device. Bag placers are used to place pre made bags onto a filling head. The bag placers we design and manufacture are built to handle different materials from a free flowing sugar to aggressive coals. The bag placer offers an alternative solution to Form fill and seal if customers require automatic packing.

Bulk Bagger Machine MachineryBulk Bagging Machinery is the solution to bulk automation for animal feed. The brand new Bulk Bag Filling System the BB-400 is the fastest Bulk Bagger from RMGroup. The bulk bagging machine is capable of filling 3 bulk bags per minute and able to refill to weighment in just 17 seconds. A large 20 tonne heavy duty hopper feeds onto a large in-feed belt conveyor which then feeds the BB-400. The sack filling machine itself is controlled by an integrated weighing system that fills the hopper to a pre-set weighment, making bulk bag filling very precise at high-speed and volume. Visit the Bulk Bagging Range For more options available.

The Manual bagging range is an option if the need is a robust animal feed bagging machine which is operator friendly and capable of high throughputs. The MB-300 is a simple bagging system, compatible with many applications and is capable of 300 bags an hour. The MB400 manual bagging machine has a conveyor belt in-feed capable of bagging up to 400 bags an hour. The MB500 Manual bagging machine is capable of 500 bags per hour and has electronic weighing system for accurate filling.

Case Study – Hay & Brecon Farmers

Hay and brecon farmersHay & Brecon Farmers are an agricultural co-operative serving the farmers and local community of Mid Wales and the border counties as one.

Their six depots stock a wide range of agricultural goods, and also have an extensive selection of gardening, equestrian and outdoor products on sale to the general public. RMGroup were delighted when Hay & Brecon contacted with their need to process pack animal feed. Darryl Davies Production Manager at Hay & Brecon had visited the RMGroup stand at the LAMMA 17 show and knew that as this was a specialist market RMGroup would be the first choice.

The installation ran smoothly and was tested fully on site. Hay & Brecon will be supplying all 6 depots and merchant customers with bulk bags from the BB215. They currently process 10,000 half tonne bags a year and this will be a much more efficient process with the BB215 from RMGroup. The full story can be read on our news page.

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