Mobile Packaging Systems


Mobile Packaging line was created to allow RMGroup customers to process and package raw material at source.


Fully Automated Mobile Packaging Line with Form Fill and Seal – LTF800


Mobile bagging machine – New & improved Semi-automated portable packaging line

Fully Automated Packaging Lines

High Speed Fully Automated packaging Line

A Fully Automated Packaging System including a Form Fill & Seal Machine with conveying to the world’s fastest Palletising Robot, an ABB IRB 460.

High Speed Pick & Place Robots – Village Bakery

High speed robotic pick & place further automate Welsh bakery pancake line – Flexpicker

Fully automated FFS packaging line with two pallet wrappers

High speed robot palletising system

Bulk Bagging Systems

Bulk Bagging Animal Feed – Hay & Brecon

New Bulk Bagger to supply 6 depots and merchant customers. With a filling speed of 17 seconds this Bulk Bagging machine is an efficient choice.

Three Bulk Bag Systems

The BB-400 is the fastest Bulk Bagger from the RMGroup range capable of filling 3 bulk bags per minute and able to refill to weighment in just 17 seconds.

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Manual Packaging Lines

Manual Bagging System With Robot Palletising

Manual Bagging System MB-500 with ABB IRB Palletising Robot at Days Aggregate. RMGroup’s MB-500 Manual Bagger, a system capable of speeds of up to 600 bags per hour.

Manual Bagging System

Simple manual bagging system suitable for various products

Manual Bagging System MB300 with control panel instructions

Manual bagging system suitable for filling 300 bags per hour. Watch the full control panel instructional demonstration here


Robot Palletising System

Bespoke Tile Palletising System

Vinyl Floor Tiles Palletising Robot by RMGroup, capable of palletising an array of tile sizes simultaneously.

Fully Automated Form Fill & Seal Line

FFS Form fill & Seal packaging machine working in harmony with an ABB Robot Palletising system.

Bespoke Egg Palletising System

10,800 Eggs palletised in 15 minutes.

Fully Automated Baling Systems

Baling System – Sawdust

Rm Group’s HDB300 Bailing System is a heavey duty baler which will compress a range of products including Sawdust, haylage, chopped straw. miscanthus grass & more. See the system in action baling pet bedding

Baling System – Hay

HDB800 Baling System Baling Sawdust

Sawdust Bagging & Baling Equipment

Sawdust Bagging and Baling Machinery. With robot palletising ABB Robot and pallet wrappers to complete a fully automated packaging line.