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Bulk Bag Filling System

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The brand new Bulk Bag Filling System the BB-400 is the fastest Bulk Bagger from RMGroup capable of filling 3 bulk bags per minute and able to refill to weighment in just 17 seconds. A large 20 tonne heavy duty hopper feeds onto a large in-feed belt conveyor which then feeds the BB-400 bulk bag filling system. The system itself is controlled by an integrated weighing system that fills the hopper to a pre-set weighment.  

Operators are to place tunnelled or looped bags onto the forks of the forklift or telehandler, once in place the operator starts the filling process by pressing a button on the supplied key fob and the product is released, once the bulk bag is filled the system will then refill to the desired weighment ready for the next operator in only 17 seconds.

The system will work with many different products and can be customised to the users specifications. Bult to a high standard the systems are guaranteed to withstand 20 years of service even with the most abrasive raw materials.

Note: 3d designs seen left are shown with a 10 tonne hopper.


Bags per Minute

3 Bulk Bags per Minute

Filling speed

17 Seconds

Hopper Capacity

20 tonnes


Key fob held by Forklift or Telehandler operator

(2 fobs supplied)

Number of Operators required