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Twin Weigher System

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The Twin Weighing - TW800 is our latest one bag filling system, consisting of a large hopper, two shaker trays and a twin control panel. The unique hopper has been designed to split the product onto two shaker trays simultaneously, this provides the operator continuous bag filling capabilities without the usual delay that other one bag filling systems experience while the shaker tray re-fills.

With the two shaker tray system, while one shaker tray is emptied the next tray is filling to a desired weight ready for the next bag to be deposited. Weightments can be easily changed and pre-programed for both shaker trays individually with the 2 weigher control panel allowing up to 99 pre-programmable settings that can be pre-set for many different products enabling each shaker tray to fill to different weights if required.

The TW800 is capable of bagging 800 bags an hour, product dependant.

The brand new TW800 - Twin Weigher was first installed at Ridge Fuels, a leading distributor of solid fuels throughout Shropshire. They used the Twin weighing  for filling coal bags.