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Robot Palletising Systems

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Fully Automated Palletising

Fully Automated Palletising Systems incorporating ABB Robotics palletisers with various conveying as well as pallet accumulation, pallet magazines, pallet wrapping and slip sheet applicators.

Our automated systems use the latest ABB technology in robotics to ensure efficiency and reliability; the systems are capable of drastically improving the efficiency of any production line. All of our systems are designed with your needs in mind to suit your bag/product type and designed to operate in the most intricate and complex spaces. Seen left is a CAD layout drawing of one of our fully automated robot palletizing systems. (Detailed are components likely to be included.)

All of our robots are housed inside cells that include the latest technology in safety, including fixed mesh guards, and light guarding to prohibit entry to robot. Any access into the system will be protected by Fortress Key switches insuring the highest level of safety for your workers.


Our Palletiser's Include the following features...

ABB IRB Palletiser

Various Conveyors

Pallet Magazines 

Holding up to 10 pallet

Slip sheet applicators

Top sheet applicators

Shrink wrappers/Pallet Hooders

Pallet wrappers


High level palletisers

For speeds of up to 1200 bags an hour.

Recommended for products that do not lend themselves to robotic pick up and placement.

To find out more about our robot palletisers, please contact a member of our sales team would be happy to conduct a no obligation assessment of your site and quote for a system.


Optional Extra

Further the efficiency of your line by the addition of a 3 full pallet accumulation system

Minimise 'pallet take off time' with 3 full pallet accumulation robot palletising. This layout allows operators to carry out other duties without having to spend time on a forklift truck waiting for full pallets to exit. This system will accumulate three full pallets before an FLT operator is required. On this particular system a pallet magazine can be used for automated placement of pallets, or empty pallets can be placed on manually.

Left: Typical layout robot cell for three pallet accumulation.