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Mobile Packaging Systems

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FOR HIRE LTF800 and LTM600

Availability –  please call our office for more information at +44 (0)1686 621704

At RMGroup we have two mobile lines available for hire, The LTF800 a fully automated form, fill and seal packaging system and and the LTM600 a robotic palletising system.

Our idea for the mobile line was born when we realised that there was a demand to bag product from source. Our customers wanted to reduce the cost of transporting product to bagging plants, they needed a robust packaging system that was also versatile enough to cope with rugged terrain, a mobile system that could be transported to various bagging sites and could be set up to bag product within an hour.

To this day, our mobile packaging systems serve quarry owners, aggregate suppliers, coal merchants, and salt suppliers in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden. All of our lines are built specific to the customer’s bagging needs. We consider the product specification, bag type, and throughput before building a line. Whether you require a Form fill and seal for high throughput, automated bag placing for pre-made bags, or semi-automated lines for paper sacks, we have a mobile line suitable for your application.

Advantages of hiring our mobile lines

Try before you buy

Increased production during busy periods

Test the market with your packed products without committing to purchase

Full Support from our experienced service engineer team.

Contract packaging available conducted by one of our experienced operators.



The LTF 800 - our fully automated form, fill and seal packaging system epitomizes effortless bagging. The LTF 800 includes Form, fill and seal technology and ABB 6640 robot palletising system. It is capable of bagging 800 small bags an hour. Its reliability, high throughput and lower running costs prove to be advantageous to our customers.

Form fill and seal machinery utilise film on a reel and a doser weighing system which feeds products into a forming tube to which the film is formed and sealed around. We can also include a punched handle on 10Kg bags.



800 25Kg Bags an hour

MAX Bag size


Suitable Products

Cement, Rock Salt, Fertilizer, Animal Feeds Aggregates, Wood Pellets, Coal.

FFS Reel Size


Trailer Dimensions

1st Trailer 13500mm(l)x2400mm(w)x5890mm(h)

Equipment Included

Hopper, In-feed conveyor, Doser Weighing System, FFS - FPK 44, Bag flattener, Robot palletising, Pallet Magazine

Required Personnel

One operator recommened to supervise line.

Power Supply

100Kva 60 amp 3 phase Diesel generator

Stacked Pallet Height


Loading Equipment

Handler required to fill hopper

Out-feed equipment

FLT required to place empty pallets onto pallet magazine and off load filled pallets



The LTM 600 combines manual placement of pre-made bags with ABB robot palletising system. This particular model from our mobile bagging range allows users to switch between bag sizes with ease.

The system is capable of 600 25Kg bags an hour (operator dependant) and 200 1tonne bulk bags an hour. Products packed using the system by current customers are Wood pellets, Aggregates, Coal, Compost, Animal Feeds and Rock salt.


Technical specifications:


600 25Kg Bags an hour

Equipment Included

Bulk/small bag In-feed, Heat Sealer, Pallet Magazine, ABB robot palletising system.

Required Personnel

One operator to place bags on spout. Another to load product and remove filled pallets.

Power Supply

120Kva 60 amp 3 phase Diesel generator.

Stacked Pallet Height

Up to 12 layers 5/7 bag pattern. Up to 2000mm(h)

Loading Equipment

Teleporter with 5m reach - Strimech bucket, Finnley or hopper and in-feed conveyor.

Out-feed equipment

Forklift Truck