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ABB Robot Palletising

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One on the floor palletiser

RMGroup provide bespoke ABB Robot palletising systems to meet any customer needs. The 1-on-the-floor palletiser serves as a budget starter system for lower production throughputs, usualy placed at the end of exisiting manual lines operated by a bagger.

The system include new or used ABB robot palletising systems with gripper head, Bag Flattener, Pacing Conveyor, Pick-up Conveyor and pallet loading section.

ABB Robots are placed within cells that utilise the latest safety systems that meet British standards. The safety features include Fixed guarding, fortress interlocked operator door and 1 set of light barriers.

Our latest robots used for palletising systems are the ABB IRB 460, the worlds fastest palletizing robots, out-performing the closest rival by 15 per cent. capable of up to  2,190 cycles an hour.

Principle of operation:

An empty pallet is placed onto the pallet loading section by an operator. Bags are transferred into the palletising cell via bag handling conveyors. Retro reflective sensors detect the bag in position on the pickup conveyor and the robot arm glides into position to pick up the bag. Bags are then stacked on the pallet. Once a pallet is full all bag handling conveyors stop and the robot waits for the pallet to be removed by an operator before it begins its next cycle.

Optional Extra

Customers have the option to include the following items to complement the system:

Bag kicker

Bag flattener

recommended for a presentable pallet stack

Pacing conveyor with integrated check weigher

Additional programming options

3 empty pallet stack

All 1-on-the-floor palletiser systems can be upgraded to include pallet magazines and pallet conveyors at a later date to meet increased production demands.