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Twin Vertical Form, Fill, Seal

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The EK 66 – Form, fill and seal system is a high speed packaging machine. Similar to other models in the FFS range, our newest addition to the product line up integrates two FFS machines in order to produce high outputs.

The form Fill and Seal system is the ultimate packaging machine forming, filling and sealing the bag and producing a ready for sale product. The bag is produced from a film roll that is pre branded with the companies logo. The systems are also able to add desired informative labels through the use of on board printers.

Usually paired with conveying and an ABB palletising robot producing a high speed packaging line requireing minimal human input.

Advantages of the EK66. . .

  • Packs up to 30 bags per minute
  • Versatile, can accept various bag sizes
  • Low Maintenance costs
  • Highly efficient and reliable

The FFS machine was installed at CPL Distribution, Workshop last year and has proved to be a great asset to their packed products business.