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Vertical Baling Systems

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WDB 300

Vertical Baling Systems Specifications

Also available is the WDB 300. This system is a dual side-by-side configuration of two vertical balers in the same frame, providing customers with an impressive throughput of up to 480 bales an hour.

The WDB 300 is a vertical baling system that uses Form Fill and Seal technology to produce the bales, the system uses a film on a reel and seals it around the product to form a bale.

The baler uses a vertical press that exerts around 7 tonnes of pressure, that is suitable for peat or compost and other materials that do not require as much pressure to compress the product in to a suitable sized bale.

What you can expect from our Baling Systems



1-35 Kg

Bales per hour

120-240 Bales

Bale Dimensions

From 120x400x80mm-


Chamber capacity

1200 Litres

Motor pump hydraulics



150-200 BAR

Pressing Ratio

0% Longitudinal Pressing

100% Vertical Pressure

0% Horizontal Pressing