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Horizontal Baling Systems

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HDB 800

Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Baler Specifications

What you can expect form our Baling Systems

The HDB 800 is our flagship heavy duty baler with an 800 litre capacity main pressing chamber suitable for baling Wood Shavings, Rock Wool, Glass Wool and Sawdust. Here we have a 90% vertical and a 10% horizontal compression using hydraulic pressure of between 150 to 200 Bar, equating to around 15 tonnes of physical pressure exerted on the product being baled.

Suitable for baling . . .

1. Wood shavings

2. Rock Wool (stone)

3. Glass Wool (Glass)

4. Sawdust

RMGroup have previously installed the HDB 800 for Easypak who bale straw, wood shavings, and other animal bedding. 

Baling Machine Specifications



Bales per hour

120-300 Bales

Bale Dimensions

From 120x400x80mm-400x800x800mm

Chamber capacity

800 Litres

Motor pump hydraulics



150-200 BAR

Pressing Ratio

0% Longitudinal Pressure

90% Vertical Pressing

10% Horizontal Pressing

To see this installation and others please contact RMGroup.