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Mobile Packaging System Exceeds All Expectations in France

Mobile Packaging System Exceeds All Expectations in France

Mobile hire line packing over 1200 tonnes of Rock Salt each week in the port of Cherbourg.

 RMGroup’s high speed mobile packing line the LTF 800 is exceeding all expectations, by packing over anticipated throughputs of 1000 tonnes a week. The line, which has been specifically built to suit aggregates and rock salt has been on hire with Alpha Commodities since September. We supplied the LTF 800 which includes form fill and seal packaging system with ABB robot palletising, And a second trailer for bulk in-feed hopper and conveyor.

David Setton, President of Alpha Commodities confirms its success. . .

"Alpha Commodities, one of the world's largest salt distributors, contacted RM group to learn of possible solutions to maximize the bagging capability in its large scale strategic storage in the port of Cherbourg, France. Alpha planned on packing a large 7-digit amount of 25kg de-icing salt bags and was looking for a comprehensive solution that would be cost effective for the large volume and at the same time would keep to Alpha's strict quality assurance process.
The RM group machinery and staff proved to be the best solution in all terms, with its fast packing rates, exceeding Alpha's original expectations of 1,000mt/week and the always available ,constant support covering both the technical aspects and the day- to -day operation of the machines, as well as professional counseling on various issues, such as bag manufacturing.

Alpha found the RM group to be a highly reliable and recommended business associate and would like to continue the relationship for many years to come.’

David Setton, President – Alpha Commodities SARL www.alphacommodities.net

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