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RMGroup invest in Laser machinery and Brake press

RMGroup invest in Laser machinery and Brake press

RMGroup invest in Laser machinery and Brake press

RMGroup have recently invested in 2 high powered machines and recruited 8 new employees, to keep up with production demand after announcing record sales and to stabilise a long-term expansion for the company.

The new investments include a Bystronic Byspeed 4020 4.4KW laser cutting machine and one LVD 135 ton 4 metre press brake machine. Bystronic lasers cutting machines are renowned for being the best in the business for their high out-put speeds, enabling higher productivity rates.

The laser machine will give an improved operational and economic efficiency as it combines high speed cutting and machine dynamics to achieve the greatest efficiency with the shortest cutting time per part with a high-quality finish. The lasers combine power and speed for a superior finish, first time every time. RMGroup have also installed a CHP wood chip unit to provide the mass amounts of energy needed to run these machines. 

RMGroup are very proud of being part of the UK’s manufacturing resurgence and here at RMGroup we are certainly doing our bit. This major investment places us in a strong position to service our customer’s demands and gives a solid platform in which to continue our roll out plan. Having the ability to respond to our customers needs gives us more confidence in our business model and will assist in the company’s future to keep up with increased orders and serve loyal and new customers effectively.

Here at RMGroup, we are very proud to be part of the Mid Wales Manufacturing Group and are very keen to build our manufacturing business in Mid Wales and the borders, demands within the industry have increased, we are keen to ensure customer orders are as stress-free and seamless as possible. We also have faith in the UK’s manufacturing outlook against international competition; we feel the UK will always cater for niche markets.

We also welcome the free issue of material, and we are happy to provide a laser cutting only service. From prototypes to batch quality runs, you can count on us to deliver precision laser cut components to your exact requirements.

If you need more complex components we would prefer to work with DXF or DWG format CAD drawing files, where possible. Laser cutting systems enable the cutting of a wide range of materials. If you are looking for fast, flexible laser cutting services at competitive rates. The laser is capable of cutting 4x2M sheets and the press brake will bend 4M sheets.

Contact us today for further details.

Telephone: 01686621704
Email:  sales@rmgroupuk.com

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