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Bird seeds packed within a ‘self-contained’ mobile solution

Bird seeds packed within a ‘self-contained’ mobile solution

RMGroup’s Mobile packaging line CTM 800 is the smallest of the range, designed for customers with limited site space for fixed installations, as well as those looking for a mobile solution.

All self-contained within two shipping containers exists a fully operational Packaging system, consisting of a High Speed Form Fill and Seal system with weighing system, capable of producing 900 bags per hour. The Two Containers Placed vertically allow for a very small footprint making the system an extremely versatile system.

The FFS system transports the bags via an array of bag conveying to a manual palletising area where an operator palletises the bagged products onto a pallet. The pallet can then be ejected from the container along pallet accumulation conveying to be removed with a forklift.

The system also externally houses a pallet magazine that presents the operator with empty pallets to be manually place onto the conveying. Capable of holding 10 Pallets, the system allows for continuous palletising without lengthy pallet swaps.

Bulldog Products Ltd, a family owned business established in 1991 producing nutritious pet food recently took delivery of a CTM 800, being used to package bird seeds at their Southport, Merseyside Site, bagging 150 Ton per day from the containers.


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