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GRS go high speed packing with Fully Automated FFS Line

GRS go high speed packing


Last month saw RMGroup engineers complete the installation of a high speed packing line at GRS. One of the UK’s largest aggregate suppliers.

Throughout the installation we periodically photographed progress in order to provide a step by step insight, from the start of installation, through to commissioning of the working packing line. As a result, we are pleased to share those photographs in a time lapse video format.



At the heart of the high speed packing line is one of RMGroups Vertical Form Fill & Seal systems. These have time and again proved ideal for this type of application, packing various aggregates. The “VFFS” is complimented by a wider RMGroup system, consisting bulk hopper and infeed, bag handling and pallet conveyors, an automatic pallet dispenser and a high speed palletising robot, model: ABB IRB460.

Installation and commissioning at the GRS Blackwater site to a full operational High speed line, was completed by RMGroups own team of experienced installation engineers.

Hopper with infeed Fully Automated Packaging Line

High Speed Abb Robot  Form Fill and Seal

Palletizing robot Palletized aggregates on pallet

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