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Chipmunk upgrade to HDB 800 Baler to increase output & improve presentation.

Chipmunk upgrade to new HDB 800 Baler

When the decision was made at Chipmunk South West Ltd to upgrade their existing baling system to a brand new baler it was a simple decision to opt for RMGroup’s HDB 800 automated baling system, providing them with greater throughput speeds and improved bale presentation.

The heavy duty HDB 800 baler with an 800 litre capacity main pressing chamber was the perfect match for baling Chipmunk’s high quality dust free naturally sourced equine bedding. The system is capable of compressing the product using 90% vertical and a 10% horizontal hydraulic pressure, exerting around 30 tonnes of physical pressure onto the material being baled ensuring perfectly formed bales.

The system at Chipmunk South west is producing up to 300 bales per hour perfect to match Chipmunks high demands. The baling system was paired with a palletising robot and a wrapper providing Chimpmunk with a complete solution. The owners are extremely happy with the service provided by RMGroup who ensured that downtime was minimised while transitioning from the old to new baler.

new HDB 800 Baler

new HDB 800 Baler

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