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RMGroup revolutionise the egg palletising industry with end-of-line automation

Egg Palletising robot

Earlier this year RMGroup set out to revolutionise the egg palletising industry with an end-of-line automation solution that would allow egg producers to process and palletise their eggs with ease and at a speed that would dramatically influence their daily productions.

The latest system was installed for a local Mid Wales based egg supplier who was in need of automating their existing egg processing line. The system of grading and placing the eggs into plastic trays was already established at the plant, but lacked the much needed end of line automation so was an ideal match for the RMGroup egg palletiser.

The Mid Wales based farm has around 30,000 Chickens that produce around 24,000 eggs per day; dealing with such vast numbers it was essential to have a fast and reliable solution to the problem. This was achieved through the creation of our egg palletising robot. Designed as an end-of-line palletiser it effortlessly stacks the egg trays securely onto a pallet through the use of a specifically designed head attached to an ABB Palletising Robot.


 “Originally I thought of putting a new conveyor in to transport the egg trays to the area that we work in, saving us palletising time by bridging the distance between the palletising area and the end of the grader. After much thought we decided that the conveyor would not bring any significant labour or financial savings to our business, so opted against it. We needed something reliable that could cut our staff by half, saving us 50% of our wage bill.

I Spoke to RM Group who I knew had been developing an end of line robot to palletise eggs, after a demonstration at their factory we knew that this was the right option for our business needs and that RM group were just the right people to deliver what we asked for. RM group were very swift and professional in installing the robot, making sure that every possible failure scenario was covered, giving us 100% confidence in the robots abilities.

Since the robot has been in full production we have been very impressed by how agile and smoothly the eggs are moved from our grader to the pallet with precision placing, giving us the opportunity to revolutionise the efficiency of our egg grading. The robot has allowed us to run the packing operation with a single operator instead of two, saving us in excess of over £10,000 a year in labour costs”

-- Hywel Davies


Prior to the installation of the egg robot an open day was ran at RMGroup HQ to demonstrate the capabilities of the egg robot to other local suppliers, the day proved to be a great success with many egg producers showing interest in the automated system, with everyone seeing the advantages that it would provide.


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