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Stephenson’s Animal Feed upgrade to Abb IRB Robot Palletising System

End of line palletising system install at Stephenson’s Animal Feed, Yorkshires largest independent Animal feed producers.
Stephensons Animal Feed LTD

RMGroup have just installed an end of line palletising system at Stephenson’s Animal Feed, an addition to their existing bagging system.

The palletising is done by an ABB IRB 6400 with conveying consisting of a Bag kicker, bag flattener and a pickup conveyor. The system has been programed by our robot engineers to alternate between double pallet and single pallet stacking of 25kg bags of various animal feed that are sold in their nearby Country Store, The Robinwood Farm, Equine & Pet Supplies.

As Yorkshires largest independent Animal feed producers efficiency was an important aspect of the new system, Capable of speeds of up to 12 per minuite the ‘One-on-the-floor’ system has dramatically increased the throughput of the line and improved the stability of the stacked pallets.

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Robot palletising system by RMGroup Pallet stacked by ABB IRB robot from RMGroup ABB IRB 6400 Palletising Robot from RMgroupuk

Links – Robot Palletising   One on the floor palletising    ABB Robot