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Semi-automatic Bagging System Complete with ABB Robot Palletising System

Semi-automatic Bagging System with ABB Robot Palletising Installed at Radborunes Aggregates

RMGroup recently manufactured a manual bagging line for Radbournes Aggregates. This system includes;

  • bulk hopper
  • In-feed
  • Heat Sealer
  • Bag Kicker
  • Bag Flattener
  • Conveying system
  • Robot Palletising system

The system was designed to bag a wide range of aggregates. It requires one operator to load the bulk hopper, prepare bags for sealing and remove the stacked pallets. The palletising system includes a used, refurbished ABB-6400 robot, the addition of a palletising system increases the speed of the process whilst eradicating the effort of manual stacking.