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Form, Fill & Seal Packaging Machine Fitted At Online Coal

Automated Packaging Systems For Coal Uk inc a FPK46XL Form, Fill & Seal machine

The fully automated packaging system installed at Online Coal includes a large Hopper & In feed conveying system, a brand new FPK46XL Form, Fill & Seal machine, followed by a robot palletising system and pallet wrapping machine. The Machinery is designed to pack 20 and 10Kg bags and is capable of packing up to 16 bags of coal per minute.

Ian Mercer – Director of Online Coal is thrilled with his new packaging machinery..

“When we decided to venture into the coal market, we were absolutely certain that RM Group would supply a packaging line that would deliver on performance and reliability. We were confident that Rm Group could supply to spec following successful installations in the past.

All machinery was delivered on time and installations were complete within a matter of weeks.”

The line was made to pack smokeless ovals and premium coal for online coals customers. The newly installed automated system will produce coal to meet customer demands over the winter months.

Ian Mercer – Managing Director for Online Coal


Please see our 'Form, Fill & Seal' & 'Robot Palletising Systems' Pages for more information.