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Automated Baling System Installed International Timber

Esse Gi Pc 350 baling system complete with ABB robot supplied to bale wood shavings

Last year we were approached by the UK's largest timber supplier, International Timber.


They were looking for a fully automated solution to baling their wood shavings/sawdust which is a by-product of their saw mill in Grangemouth, Scotland. Fortunately, we had the fully automated Esse gi pc 350 baler in stock. Together with an ABB robot palletising system we installed a fully automated line which is capable of baling 4.5 bales per minute.

For this particular system we installed a walking floor trailer which was externally situated. Product is blown into the trailer, which in turn is transferred into a screw conveyor and then onto an inclined belt conveyor. The product drops into the inlet hopper situated above the baler and then deposited into the weigh pan. Product is then compacted in the compression chamber, before being pushed into a forming tube. The film is pulled around the shoulders of the forming tube and sealed vertically and horizontally. The robot palletising system then stacks the bales neatly on a pallet.

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