Egg palletising packing processRMGroup’s egg robot palletising system provides the perfect end of line solution for any egg processing plant, capable of effortlessly palletising four pallets per hour, equating to over 570 eggs per minute. The system allows egg producers to process and palletise their eggs with ease and at a speed that dramatically influence their daily productions, accuracy and grading efficiency.

The system consists of an ABB palletising robot with a specifically designed bespoke gripper head manufactured to pick and place the egg trays as well as the dividing sheets. The egg trays are picked up using the existing contours in the plastic egg trays while strategically placed sensors ensure the trays are clear of the forks before the robot fully retracts, eliminating the possibility of any breakages.

Case Study – Genau Hafod

In April 2015 RMGroup set out to revolutionise the egg palletising industry with an end-of-line automation solution that would allow egg producers to process and palletise their eggs with ease and at a speed that would dramatically influence their daily productions. Read the full story here.

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