Coal Bagging Packaging Machinery

RMGroup have an extensive coal supplying customer base, and have supplied a range of bag filling and weighing systems to coal suppliers all across the UK. From Manual systems through to fully automated vertical Form, fill and seal bag filling systems with robot palletising. Our Mobile Packaging Systems provide the ideal solution to various problems that coal packaging companies face. Companies that pack product on a seasonal basis, or perhaps companies that currently sub contract their contract packing that cannot justify the cost of installing a fixed bagging line, or perhaps companies with existing packaging lines that are failing to meet their production demands. Having the flexibility to pack at source has huge benefits.

Coal Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising aggregatesCase Study – CPL

RMGroup were delighted to take on a project from the Uk’s leading coal supplier installing an FPK66 Form Fill and Seal system at CPL, able to bag up to 30 a minute the FPK66 is the ideal, low maintenance machine for the job. Read more on this case study here.




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Fully Automated SolutionsPalletising Solutions

Coal Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising

Form Fill and Seal

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Packaging machinery available for small & large bag production.

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Coal Bag and Sack filling.Bulk & Manual packing palletising

TW600/400 Twin weigher

Bespoke Bulk Filling Systems, Machinery, Stations & Equipment with integrated weighing for accurate bulk bagging.

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Coal Slate Bag and Sack filling

Robot Palletising

Robot Palletising Systems for High speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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