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Baling Systems

Baling Systems from RMGroup

Our baling machines provide effective packaging solutions to non-free flowing products with low bulk density such as; wood chip, sawdust, rock wool, glass wool, paper cellulose, straw, peat/compost, miscanthus grass and more.

The Horizontal baling systems work by using screw conveyors or rams to press the product into the chamber ready for baling, exerting 12 tonnes of pressure, the horizontal balers ensure a tight compact bale, regardless of the product.

Our vertical balers work via means of ‘Form Fill & Seal Method’, where product is dropped into a film that is sealed by the machine around the material. The vertical balers are available in single and as a twin system, capable of a throughput of up to 480 bales an hour.

The machines reduce the physical volume of the material in the finished bale. This in turn reduces storage and transportation costs.

Typical Systems include;

  • loading hoppers with level probes
  • pneumatic gates for accurate dosing
  • weigh hopper with Siemens weight control
  • pressing chamber with vertical ram
  • hydraulic ram injector
  • hydraulic lateral pusher
  • fully automatic bag making device (from a flat reel of film)
  • complete hydraulic pack and operator access platform

Contact us to see what our bailing systems can do for you.

Baling Systems Brochure 2014