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Form Fill and Seal Packaging Systems

Vertical Form Fill and Seal

RMGroup UK offer a wide range of Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) Systems to suit various packaging requirements, from the smaller Vertical Form Fill and Seal systems suitable for packing small bags, to the larger twin and continuous systems designed for high consistent output speeds, allowing for accurate production and forecasting. The systems permit for varying widths of packaging. Packing capabilities range from 500g to 50Kg at rates of up to 3600 bags per hour.

The FFS systems form the bags from a flat roll of film, the film is shaped around the forming tube shoulder, it is then pulled downwards by rubberized belt pulling units and fixed on either side of the forming tube. Once the tube length reaches its pre-set length, horizontal sealing takes place.

All the Vertical FFS systems are controlled through a colour touch screen operator interface panel allowing control of all operating parameters aiding the operator in any product change. When connected to a network the systems have the possibility of being controlled in any browser including mobile, allowing control and monitoring from anywhere in the world, ideal for production monitoring. This also allows RMGroup engineers to remotely access the FFS Systems via diagnostic software so we can immediately identify and fix any issues.

RMGroup specialise in manufacturing fully automatic and bespoke packaging lines, combining various systems in order to build flexible systems that are fit for purpose and circumstance. Commonly integrated machinery includes Robot Palletising (pick and place pallet stacking), Automatic Conveyors, Bulk Hoppers and Pallet Wrappers. RMGroup offer manual and fully automatic systems or a combination of both. This allows for added flexibility and offers budget suitability.

Our client portfolio to date comprises of some of the UK’s largest bulk product suppliers, including Aggregate Industries, British Sugar and Online Coal to name but a few. Over the past 20 years, we have built packaging lines to bag products such as aggregates, coal, sugar, rock salt, de-icing salt, compost, cement, powders, sand & much more. As almost every project is different and with variations in products, sites, bag sizes and various other circumstances, we have become experts in manufacturing systems that are made to order.

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Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machinery Brochure