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Packaging Machinery & Systems

Packaging Machinery & Packaging Systems

At RMGroup we supply the latest in packaging machinery and Systems technology, utilizing the fastest and most precise automated and manual bag packaging and ABB palletising robots.

RMGroup hold over 20 years experience in manufacturing bespoke packaging machinery. All packaging machinery is tailor-made and is focused around the requirements of the client.

We offer both manual and automatic systems with options to combine elements of both. 

Flexible Packaging Machinery & Systems

Modify your existing packaging systems with our products

If you are looking to further automate your existing bagging or packaging systems we have products that may be of interest to you.

Our systems can be integrated with any exisiting machinery. 

Products Packed by RMGroup Machinery 

Baling and bagging machinery suitable for your products

If you still cant decide which system you require to pack your products, Simply take a look at some of our case studies for products packed.

Aggregates, Powders, CompostFertilizer, Animal feed, Rock Salt