Robotic Automation

At RMGroup, we have a very keen interest and understanding of todays “hi-tech” industrial technologies such as Vision, Robotics and Logic Control. Seeing a growth in the automation sector, we have now formed a division of the company to focus on the design and implementation of Automation Systems.

As well as reproducing and optimising commonly known systems of automation such as conventional robot palletisers, RMGroup also appreciate the potential of todays technologies for the development of bespoke automation solutions to suit diverse, individual applications.

RMGroup provide bespoke ABB Robot palletising systems to meet any customer needs
Bespoke handling applicationsHigh Speed Pick & Place Robot

robot automation packing palletising packaging system machinery supply
robot automation packing palletising packaging system machinery supply

robot automation packing palletising packaging system machinery supply

High speed end of line systems

RMGroup understands that an ‘off the shelf solution’ can’t always be applied. In order to cater for bespoke applications, a division in the company has been formed specifically to assist with bespoke projects. The focus is to support the customer with their challenging production requirements.

Together with leading global robotics supplier ABB, RMGroup have discovered a shared commitment in providing quality robotic handling systems and support packages to suit the customer’s needs.

4-Axis Robot

With models capable of over 2,000 cycles per hour, the 4-axis robot is perfect for high-speed end-of-line palletising and handling applications. A popular choice in our range of 4 axis robots is the ABB IRB 460. Able to operate within a confined space, it occupies 20% less floor space than other 4 axis Robots in the range and can operate up to 15% faster than its nearest rivals.

6-Axis Robot

Where complex product manipulation is required, a 6 axis robot adds a further dimension to an automation solution. With a high degree of agility in a compact, robust package, a 6 axis machine provides the ideal platform for process automation.

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ABB robot packaging palletising process machinery equipment bespoke automation solutions

ABB Flexipicker ABB robot packaging palletising process machinery equipment bespoke automation solutions

ABB Flexpicker

Robotic Flex Pickers are the leaders in state-of-the-art high speed picking and packing technology. Compared to conventional robot automation, the pick and place systems offer much greater flexibility in a compact footprint while maintaining accuracy and high payloads.

Features include outstanding motion control, short cycle times and precision accuracy. Flexpicker cells can operate in either narrow or wide windows with very tight tolerances.

Rmgroup have developed high speed handling solutions for an array of products including those for the food production market, dramatically and reliably increasing production handling capability and maintaining very high quality standards.

ABB Robotics Flex-Pickers, known for their speed capability and accuracy can also incorporate ABB’s high resolution vision systems, which not only take advantage of the Flex-Picker’s accuracy, but provide a high degree of quality inspection for shape and colour, providing even more enhanced quality control for your products.

The system can be integrated with any existing and new packaging systems, our configurations have previously been paired with Fuji flow wrapper infeed conveyors fully integrated into the system along with Fuji card feeders.

RMGroup’s Newtown Factory, which incorporates a 25,000 sq ft testing facility allows for full pre-builds, rigorous testing and snagging of complete systems, resulting in a smooth, fast installation at customer sites and a dramatically reduced commissioning period.

Despite the high tech, high speed capability of RMGroup’s system, easy to use HMI touch screens are provided for easy management and alterations of all aspects by the operators.

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Alternative Options

Robot Palletising

Robot palletising systems for high speed fully automated packaging lines, using the latest ABB Palletising Robots

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